Wow! That’s a very low turnover rate. What’s the secret?

This is the result of a number of things, not least of which is that in Mexico people don’t jump around from job to job, even in the technology area.  It is generally frown upon (by friends and family as well as employers).  Once you’ve made a commitment is pretty hard to walk away form it.

In particular, it is very, very difficult to get anybody to move while they are working on specific deliverables or projects.  You have to catch them during transition periods.  Even then, leaving a company is a big deal and an agonizing decision.

The one thing that will get somebody to quit is when their employer is not living up to its commitments (explicit or implied).  A broken commitment is a license to walk.

At Nearsoft we work very hard at creating an attractive place for creative people.  We take great care in hiring, the company has a very dynamic culture, our office environment is comfortable, fun, and technology rich, and the company is run very democratically.

Nearsoft has been ranked among the TOP 20 Great Place to Work companies in Mexico since 2008; we placed #6 in 2012.  We have also had the honor of being selected as one of WorldBlu’s Most Democratic Workplaces, since 2009.  All of this makes easier for us to attract and retain top talent.

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