What kinds of things do you do to retain people?

Our turnover rate has always been very low. In the last twelve months it has been between 2-3 percent.

The “magic” is that we treat each other as responsible adults. People are in control of their work lives. They are also responsible and held accountable for their actions, but not by some “higher” power but by their team.

  • We are very careful in selecting the people we hire.
  • We try our best to make clear commitments and then live up to them religiously.
  • Nearsoft is also a fun place to work at.  People like working with each other and it shows.
  • We encourage people to take charge and lead. And they do.
  • We work with very innovative clients that keep us at the bleeding edge of technology.
  • We have a very nice, comfortable, fun office (OK, the parking lot is too small).

Nearsoft has been ranked among the TOP 20 Great Place to Work companies in Mexico since 2008; during this time we’ve moved up from #17 to #6 in 2012.  We have also had the honor of being selected as one of WorldBlu’s Most Democratic Workplaces, since 2009.  All of this makes it easier for us to attract and retain top talent.


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