What kind of people do you look for?

We work very hard to find people who fit our culture, and have very good experience.  This is not just a “motherhood and apple pie” statement.  We’ve had the fortune of working with really high caliber people in the US and our expectations are pretty high.

Although the company is fairly young, as individuals we have a lot of experience hiring world-class technical staff.  We’ve gotten very good at recognizing and attracting the “good ones.”

Breadth and depth of experience is important and we look for that first, but sometimes we run into young talent with “superstar” written all over and those go to the top of the list as well.

First and foremost, candidates have a to have very good, fluent English, both spoken and written.

They have to fit and work well with the current staff.  Although people are assigned to specific clients, we all have to work well together as a team.

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