How do you engage with new clients?

Each situation is different and we accommodate each client as needed. In general, however, we generally follow this outline:

  • As soon as the contract is signed (and sometimes, sooner), we assign a Transition Team. This team is made up of one to three senior people with the appropriate skills and technology experience. More importantly, these are people who we’ve identified over time as being most adept at quickly understanding new situations and requirements.
  • The Transition Team engages with the client, while, in parallel, we bring in permanent staff. As new staff comes in, they gradually take over.
  • One of the functions of the Transition Team is to figure out any gaps in tools and processes (i.e., what we use versus what the client uses) and figuring out what to keep and what to complement.
  • The Transition Team will also get started with requirements and architecture. When there’s existing software, the Transition Team will review it to identify weak areas and make suggestions for improvements.
  • Once the first couple of members of the team are in place, we take advantage of our proximity and usually have an initial on-site visit for training, knowledge transfer and socializing with the client team.
  • Other trips are scheduled as needed. Because the flights are short (< 6 hours door-to-door) and inexpensive (~$600), it is easy enough to have engineers travel back and forth for things like re-architecting, new products, etc.
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