Do you have people with [fill in the blank] experience?

Our staff has a wide range of experience with many languages and platforms.  However, by design, they are assigned to specific client teams.  Because of that, when we sign up a new client we invariably have to staff a new team from scratch.  This gives us the flexibility to accommodate new technologies relatively easily.

So it really becomes a question of whether we can find people with specific experience in a reasonable timeframe.  The answer to that we can make the first hire for a new team within 3-4 weeks on average, six weeks max.

Besides recruiting the right people quickly, we have also demonstrated that we can integrate them into effective working teams just as quickly.

From previous companies, we’ve had the experience of hiring many people, very quickly only to end up with a number of competing approaches to designing and creating software.  Over time, these “camps” found it hard to work with one another, to the detriment of the business.  This time around we’ve made sure that we would not go through that experience again.

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