Why Hermosillo?

One of the co-founders is from Hermosillo. So, that kind of gives you a hint of why we started there. But we’ve stayed there for other, really good reasons, like,

  • Hermosillo is a quiet city, with a low crime rate and none of the insecurity that other cities in Mexico are suffering from.
  • It has a very reasonable cost of living.
  • It has a bunch of Universities, 12 of them with software programs.
  • It has a healthy technology ecosystem where we can draw experienced candidates from.
  • It is well connected by air to the rest of Mexico and the US.
  • It is in the north of Mexico which has a very high cultural affinity to the US (e.g., major sport: baseball—go Naranjeros!).
  • It is time-aligned with the Pacific and Mountain states in the US.
  • We do plan to open another office in Mexico in the near future. Any suggestions?
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