What happens if I don’t make it through an interview or a test?

It all depends on how far you get in the interview process.

The main reason people fail the Logic Test is because they try to rush through it. In fact, this test is more about self-discipline than logic. So, if you were a question or two short of passing, you and your recruiter can determine if it makes sense to give it a second try. If the test freezes on you or you had to walk away from the test for whatever reason, just alert your recruiter and she’ll resend it. She can easily check if a test terminated prematurely.

However, if you answered all the questions and got a very low score, then that’s it. For now. You can try again later, in a few months. Talk with your recruiter about it.

If you don’t pass the English Interview, that ends the process, too. The interviewer will give you specific feedback on what you would need to improve (e.g., understanding, pronunciation) and suggestion on how to work on it.

If you don’t pass the Tech Screen, the Profile Interview, or the Task Interview, then your recruiter will let you know and will share with you the feedback from the interviewers. If you’d like, you can ask to talk to the interviewers directly.

TIP: If your interviewers do not offer any feedback at the end of the interview, ask. Ask them how you did, how well you answered the technical questions, and about your cultural fit.

At the end of the process, everybody who has talked to you gets together to decide whether not to make you an offer.

In all cases, we will give you the most detailed feedback possible. Our intention is that this feedback is of value to you, regardless of whether or not you end up joining Nearsoft. As part of this feedback we may recommend reading material or other means of improving weak areas. In a few cases, one of interviewers has served as a mentor to the candidate, even though we decided to not hire him at that time.

In addition to technical skills, our decision weighs heavily on “cultural fit,” that is, our estimate of how closely you already are living our values. Even if you are very skilled and experienced, we won’t make an offer if we feel that there’s not a good cultural fit. On the other hand, we have hired people who didn’t didn’t have as much experience as other candidates, but because these folks were so well attuned to our culture they advanced very rapidly with nominal mentorship.

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