What are the benefits of working at Nearsoft?

The primary benefit is personal growth.  There are lots of opportunity for growing your technical skills.  But also, and perhaps more importantly, there are lots of opportunity to grow personally.

You are going to be working with a group of very skilled and very wise people.  And you’ll have the opportunity to learn from them and with them.

In more traditional terms,

  • We get 25 paid days off (see How many vacation days will I get?)
  • Each of us has a “training” budget.  This can be spent on trips to conferences and the like, not just traditional classroom training.  This helps to keep us up to date with the latest and greatest technology.
  • We have a very simple book policy: send in the URL to the book you’re interested in, and we’ll get it.  That’s it.  Oh, and this is not limited to hardcore technology books (we have been known to buy a couple of book on neuroscience).
  • Everybody gets high performance desktops or laptops, at least two displays, and whatever other tools they may need.  For example, these days we’re upgrading everybody to SSD drives.
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