How do you live your values?

For starters, we use them to measure how well candidates fit with us culturally. We live up to our commitments. If we can’t meet them sometimes, we own up to it and clean up after ourselves.

Every one of us has at one point or another lead on a topic that she’s passionate about. We nurture our relationships because they’re going to last for a long time. This is so with our clients, with each other, and with everyone else we’ve touched, even people we’ve decided not to hire.

We hire smart people for sure. We are also very interested in bringing in folks who are resourceful and get things done. In spite of obstacles. We are not looking for heroes. Sometimes you get things done by declaring failure and ask someone else to give it their best.

We can do what we do because we support each other as a team. It would be impossible to be a TOP 10 Great Place to Work if we didn’t embrace the team culture. We would have never been honored to be included in the WorldBlu list of Most Democratic Workplace if we didn’t lead with trust for each other as a team.

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