Achievements in Company Culture

We usually say “Welcome to the magic!” when someone enters a Nearsoft office. It’s a way to summarize what our culture means to us. But the story of the magic dates back to 2007. We didn’t leave it to chance. From day one we set off to be a people-centric (magical) company.

Along the way we have received achievements that tell us we’re on the right track:

Great Place to Work Since 2008

The Great Place to Work Institute identifies and ranks great workplaces throughout the world. Each ranking is based on a survey sent to every Nearsoftian. The results quantifies aspects of our culture. They verify what’s going well and flag what areas need attention.

Nearsoft has been ranked in the TOP 20 since 2008. In 2017 we ranked as number 3 in Mexico.

Worldblu Freedom-Centered Workplace

WorldBlu is the largest global network of companies committed to freedom and democracy in the workplace. Their Freedom at Work Principles help create a culture that is high performance and high growth.

Nearsoft has been a Certified Freedom-Centered Workplaces since 2009.

Miranda Ash is Chief of Community at Worldblu, here’s her account of Nearsoft.

Best Place to Code by Software Guru

Software Guru is the number one magazine aimed at developers in Mexico. They conducted a survey amongst Mexican software companies to award Best Place to Code emblem.

Nearsoft was named #1 in Software Guru’s “Best Place to Code” list.

Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor is a growing database of millions of company reviews. All information is entirely shared by current and past employees anonymously.

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Great Place to Work Wordblu Certified Freedom-Centered Workplace
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