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As a recruiter I have seen Developers returning to Mexico due to different situations. Difficulty getting work visas, being close to family, boring work.

If you are facing this, here is some stuff you should know.

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Key Points

The demand for people like you have exploded in Mexico.

If you left looking for exciting opportunities and the chance to work on exciting projects using the greatest and latest technology, you can find it right here in places like Nearsoft.

You'll have the chance to use bleeding edge technologies.

You'll work with leading tech companies.

You'll be challenged by up and coming technologies like Machine Learning.

Ready for any of these open positions at Nearsoft?

How's the Demand in Mexico?

And it's not just at Nearsoft. The industry in general is getting more exciting.

According to PROMEXICO, Mexico is the second most important destination in Latin America for investments in software projects. Mexico leads the region with a 23% share of the total investment.

Mexico is the ninth tech talent hub worldwide and number one in Latin America.

Mexico produces 80% of the high-tech exports of Latin America. There are over 4,000 tech companies in Mexico.

The demand for talent grows considerably every year. As of this writing, there are over 2000 open positions in Mexico.

Talk to us if you want learn more about these stats?

What's Special about Me?

You have a good command of English. People fluent in English make 3x what a non-English speaking peer makes.

You lived and understand the US work culture. This experience makes you a rare and valuable contributor in Mexico. It's definitely your competitive advantage.

You understand the US business demands…

Why Nearsoft?

We Challenge Each Other

Sure, we have good perks and benefits but it is not about that.

It’s all about personal growth.

We hire responsible adults to do the work.

We promote a sense of belonging.

We invest heavily on professional and personal development.

Each Nearsoftian is in charge of their own training. You can select the best training for yourself.

You also get to help others grow with mentoring and workshops.

In other words, we care for each other.

Still not convinced?

Let's put a ring on it.

We want to know about you and the reasons why you want to return to Mexico.
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