Nearsoft's Software Development Client Switchfly

Switchfly’s technology empowers travel companies, loyalty programs, and financial services institutions to deliver a rich online experience to their customers. And they have the client list to prove it: American Airlines, United Airlines, Starwood Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, American Express, PayPal … and the list goes on!

Like most Nearsoft clients, Switchfly, Inc started with a very small team of two developers.

We didn’t know it at the time, but before they committed to work with Nearsoft, they evaluated our team against a team in Eastern Europe and another in Asia. All three teams started at the same time with similar tasks.

As Owen Tran, CTO, put it,

“The Nearsoft guys got their task done before the others guys even started.”

Since then, the Switchfly team at Nearsoft has grown quite a bit and it keeps growing right along with Switchfly’s success. This has been due to many reasons but key to this growth has been the cultural fit between the two companies which are people-centric, transparent, and honest.

For more information, visit Swtichfly’s website.

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