eFolder is a leading supplier of cloud data protection, business continuity and cloud file sync solutions for MSPs, cloud service providers, system integrators, and VARs. Delivered as wholesale services to the channel, eFolder enables its partners to provide branded data protection and file sync services and to generate highly profitable, recurring revenue.

Nearsoft and eFolder

Nearsoft extended eFolder’s team with Misael Leon, a product designer part of the UX Team. He was originally hired to redesign and conduct user research for an app called Cloud Finder. User interviews and Usability Testing helped determine this software product’s biggest flaws and solutions started flowing with the team. A total redesign was accomplished, but problems in the backend development led to the project being shut down.

Life at Nearsoft

Keep the User in Mind

Afterwards, Misael encountered a new project, conducting user research for Double Check, a spam filter part of the eFolder product family. The product never saw the light of day. But something was happening with the eFolder team, the way the product designer motivated the team consolidated a development process more focused on the user and patterns of design.

The third project was to redesign the UI for Anchor, an app to sync with the cloud. It has a web version for admins and regular users, and also an iOS and Android version, including a plug in for Outlook and a desktop client.

Life at Nearsoft

The Journey to an App Suite

The challenge was to do a complete overhaul since the User Experience was very outdated. Card Sorting was the UX method applied to organize how the sections of the product would create a better user journey.

Misael had to join the dev teams and help out with Jira tickets, documenting requirements. This sprung up a new idea. What about a new and Unified Master Product for all of eFolders products?

Instead of separate products, eFolder could offer its users a suite and find all in one place.

Now eFolder has a general design pattern library, research and design of an end user client for Anchor and integration with Office 365.

The app suite of all of eFolder’s product is due this year. One product designer can change all of the products of a company.

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