Aeries Software delivers industry leading student data management system software while providing unequaled customer service and innovate solutions for K-12 education. Since 1995, they have successfully implemented the Aries Student Information System in over 530 public school districts and education agencies becoming the state’s most popular SIS software.

Aeries is constantly enhanced to include new features and functionality to meet the needs of K-12 education.

Aeries + Nearsoft

We extended Aeries Android development team with Javier Rosas, Ivan Esparza, Pedro Rojas and Jorge Alejos. They developed two mobile apps from scratch,

Emergency Management App Version 2 (EM2)

EM2 was created for school district personnel. It provides access to basic student, contact, discipline, medical, class and attendance information.

Data can be cached for offline use in emergency situations where access to a computer or network is not available. You can find EM2 in the App Store and Google Play.

Aeries Mobile Portal

Aeries Mobile Portal allows students and parents to check student information on-the-go.

Features include access to gradebook details, attendance review and Aeries Communications. You can find Aeries Mobile Portal in the App Store and Google Play.

Aeries Goes Agile

Aeries was at a pivotal point when it started working with Nearsoft in 2016. Their most successful software product hadn’t been updated in over six years. New products were necessary to help the company grow, but they had a very small team.

Our mobile developers, both iOS and Android, jumped into the fray to discover the company needed a helping hand to regroup and conquer. Product owners would give developers a set of unorganized features to develop, constantly changing deadlines to adapt to new needs and impossible needs. Our dev team pulled through.

After months of work and rushed deadlines the Nearsoft team at Aeries started promoting the use of Trello to start implementing Agile practices. Meetings and a closer relationship when estimating and planning promptly followed.

Two years later, Aeries now has a more lean development process with successful estimations and better planning. It also went mobile with Aeries Mobile Portal, a mini version of their site that their users can now take in their pocket. And has a new product in EM2 which is currently in the App Store and Google Play Store for sale.

Ivan and Pedro attended an education conference with the Aeries team and they were applauded for their work in the mobile apps. Being one of the most talked about presentations in the event.

Education, Privacy and Legislation

The US government has specific rules that apply for certain industries that manage personal data of its citizens. The education industry is not an exception. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.

Aeries manages such records and personal data and is subjected to this legislation. Our developers became proficient in understanding the challenges this represents when coding new features. They learned out of their own volition how to apply said legislation to every aspect of their work with Aeries Mobile Portal and the EM2 app.

We also have experience managing other privacy and data security challenges like credit cards with Switchfly and electronic medical files for JumpstartMD.

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