Acme Technologies

ACME Technologies

ACME is the revolutionary, customizable, all-in-one visitor commerce engine for cultural institutions, wineries, attractions, and more. Through ACME’s single cart, visitors can transact with these organizations on the web, phone, or in person and immediately enjoy the perks of membership.

Clients of this revolutionary visitor management software include, MoMA, National Archives and, the International Center of Photography.

Nearsoft and ACME

We extended ACME’s frontend, backend and QA teams. Originally ACME Technologies was specialized only in ticketing for cultural events, after a major capital investments their client base grew and so did their services. The Nearsoft team has now worked in developing features such as,

  • Memberships
  • Group memberships
  • Donations
  • Promotional packages
  • Discount coupons
  • Search filters
  • Calendar
  • Custom fields
  • Accesibility
  • Salesforce integration

ACME Becomes Accesible

Section 508 of the US law obliges companies to become accessible, making software products follow specific guidelines to what they may not be prepared. Such is the case for ACME, and one of the Nearsoft’s first task for them.

section 508 accesibility

ACME hired a consulting firm in order to have comply with an official document required by law. The Nearsoft dev team at ACME was the sole link between the consulting firm and the changes made to the ticketing platform. A list of changes by provided to be made on the platform, including color correction, special functionality, changes in HTML, enabling of voice interaction and readers for diverse browsers.

After 500 errors corrected, even Nearsoftians outside the team helped testing the new accessibility measures.

Tickets Were the First Step

ACME used to specialize only in ticketing for cultural events. Since their growth spurt they have expanded to offer more to cultural institutions looking to provide a wide array of cultural services to its members.

Most of that work was done by ACME’s Nea rsoft team.

Salesforce Integration

salesforce integration

Angel Pimentel, Miguel Agüero and Carlos Lopez were the team responsible of ACME’s new salesforce integration. Angel is in charge of ACME’s end of data input, Carlos works with the Salesforce end and Miguel Agüero is commands testing.

When the project started, the only indication was to “get it done.” ACME’s Nearsoft Team were not specialized in Salesforce or had any previous experience other than their respective tech stack. Thanks to their sense of ownership and bringing in a project lead who was an expert in Salesforce things started looking up.

Spoiler, they got the job done and now museums and other cultural institutions can offer memberships and accept donation through their Salesforce accounts. Not only that, they have made syncing contacts, orders and accounts between platforms a seamless effort.

This integration is now used by to museums to bill between 7,000 and 12,000 USD a month.

Agile Testing

An important side of the team that has also been growing is the Engineer in Test Team. When our QA Engineers first started working with ACME most of the user stories where planned come what may. With no specific order or method, just a list of features to check.

After the QA Team established a trustful relationship with ACME a new QA Lead was appointed. Together they started sorting out a solution to implement Agile Testing.

Nowadays things are looking much better, with estimation done by the whole team and sprints in place. ACME’s QA Team, composed of only Nearsoftians, is now pushing for QA Automation for the next big innovation.

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