Our Awesome Clients

We have the privilege to work with amazing companies and we develop with them impressive software products in many languages and technologies.

Each team has been created according to their own requirements, a truly customized and tailor made team built around their software needs and skills needed. Most of all we have managed together to build strong long lasting relationships that go beyond coding right or on time deliveries.

There is a culture fit with them and we honor that by giving that extra percent with passion for what we do.

Success Stories


When Craig Camara first started at UrbanSitter, he was the only test engineer working on the iOS and web-based versions of the app. In order to scale, the company needed a more comprehensive testing solution for their growing portfolio of apps.

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More of our clients

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Tech & Languages

Each client team is created according to their own tech and language requirements. Currently we cover a pretty impressive stack, ranging from mainstream languages like Java, .NET with C#, and Ruby, to JavaScript tools and frameworks and newcomers like Go, Scala and Clojure, just to mention a few.

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