A lot of the talk about “growth” centers around signing up users, conversions. It sure feels good. But long-term retention is the goal.

Do you have a clear strategy?

Mobile World Congress

On March 1st we co-organized with SaleSide the Nearsoft Talks in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress, one of Europe’s biggest tech events. This gave us the perfect excuse to share our SoftwareDeTools‘s experience building and launching enterprise software.

It was a great opportunity to reach out to some of our users/clients who were visiting Barcelona to attend the 4YFN (Four Years From Now) and Mobile World Congress events. This combined event attracted more than 108,000 professionals from all over the world. Every technology player was at this congress. Barcelona was the place to be for the Software Industry.

Because of the weather, we didn’t have a lot of opportunities to be outside. This was not a problem, however, since our host OneCoWork has a great space nearby and the building has a very unique view of the Barceloneta bay.

Making Growth Part of the Culture

There’s a lot of diverse talent in Barcelona. From public companies such as ODIGEO and Schibsted, to established private companies and startups such as Atrapalo, 3Scale, Skyscanner, Typeform, and ReviewPro.

Infojobs is a successful local startup. It is without a doubt the leader in the online job marketplace service for Spain. They handle more than 1 million users a month. Cristina Campilla, Infojobs product manager, gave a talk about her experience working with multidisciplinary teams in a growth oriented culture.

Cristina explained that an organization has to reinvent itself to survive and adapt to new market challenges. She gave the example of rebuilding their mobile app to offer the same experience their users saw on their website.

She also touched on team collaboration and communication and how it helps to align a team to achieve key milestones.

You can find Cristina Campilla’s presentation here, follow her on twitter @criscampibcn or connect on LinkedIn.

We started inviting other areas into our daily and weekly meetings, that way we created empathy between each department and most importantly is that it spread information about growth, now everyone was involved in reaching the goal

Cristina Campilla, Product Manager, InfoJobs

User Retention

I talked about how our integration between Freshdesk and Trello helps enterprise customers succeed in user retention.

I also talked about the four pillars of a retention strategy: Focus, Management, Tools, and Goals. For more, see this Retention Strategy Use Case.

Customer Support

Customer support plays an important role in achieving retention and reducing churn.

Beyond replying promptly to a client, customer support is about creating a relationship with people in our client organization.

I spoke about how we built the Freshdesk power-up for Trello and Trello Power-up to bring together diverse teams around the goal of better servicing enterprise users. It is a core to aligning the individuals working in the project and reflecting the human element in their collaboration.

Milestones are very important so that all the organization can sync on a clear goal to achieve which is measurable; for us was reaching 1 million monthly active users

Cristina Campilla, Product Manager, InfoJobs

The Four Pillars

The pillars are as follows,

Understand what is the underlying problem of the client. It is important to know if the problem is real. Not all problems need to be addressed by a person, make sure that what you are solving provides knowledge for future support cases or possible product opportunities.
People and process interact to provide support for clients and organizations. Managing all of it in order to deliver the expected outcome to users is what retains them and also creates referral opportunities for products or services.
You need the right platforms in order to deliver exceptional support and make information flow throughout your help desk workflows.
It is important to measure Business Value and User Value. Track them so you can have a clear picture of where you can make a deeper impact.

Finally ……

After all the presentations the attendees gathered around some beer provided by Moritz and some healthy snacks from the The Healthiest Choice. We discussed retention strategies and their effect on users.

In my next post, I dive deep into the analytic sides of Growth and Retention for Startups & Enterprise organizations.

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