The world is filled with software products competing to be number one, but most of the time it goes the other way around. Leverage Usability Testing to create better products, increase conversions, and have happier users.

Why Are Most Company’s Products Unsuccessful?

Most companies and startups launch their products without knowing how people will use them. They start developing without any user research or testing and end up creating products that nobody wants to use.

More often than not, this leads to a dwindling user base and eventually to the downfall of the product.

Usability Testing to the Rescue

Usability Testing methodologies like Rapid Paper Prototyping is a great tool to find out how satisfied users are with your Website or App. It will help you identify problems early in the development process.

Using this design method you test your product with real users. They follow a script of tasks and the results help you discover which tasks users aren’t able to complete and why.

Doing this early will make it easier to reach deadlines on time. It will save you time and money throughout, preventing future rework.

Usability Testing is one of the most common UX design methods to help you discover real user behavior and to understand the motivations that drive your ideal users.


When Should I Use Usability Testing?

A common situation is a product with low user engagement, one (costly) symptom of it is low conversion rates.

Possible reasons for low engagement,

  • Users don’t find what they were looking for
  • Users feel overwhelmed with your product
  • Users don’t know what to do
  • Your products have long and difficult signups

All these symptoms are red flags that will lead to low conversion rates.

If you recognize some of these warnings, then it is time to do Usability Testing.

One Click Away from Doom

Testing the Usability of your products will identify its limitations before the product is actually launched. Knowing your users’ motivation can help you improve the learning curve of new users and make it better for existing users.

Every product is one click away from being dismissed.

Making interactions smooth and simple will increase the acceptance of your product, leading to a better rate of conversions and sales.

Finally …

Applying Usability Testing before launching your product will help you recognize how users interact with your product. It will help you create the ideal experience and boost conversions.
Usability Testing is the gift that keeps on giving. Use it to keep improving your product.

If you need help with Usability Testing or any other UX Method, please contact me at [email protected].