Paying attention to your app’s user experience has a high impact not only on how current users interact with it, but also on attracting new ones and defining new features.

In our experience, these are the most common UX mistakes when developing mobile apps. Getting it right will increase your signup, engagement, and active user rates.

Long and Complicated Sign Up Process

When downloading an app, users want to interact with it right away. Having a complex sign up process makes it very frustrating for users. It gives them an awful first impression.

The principles of Progressive Disclosure provide a good way to hold the user’s attention. You can still gather the information you need but it’s a lot more easy and natural for your users.

Apps designed with this principle in mind ask for just the right amount of information needed to complete a specific task. It also gives your users the satisfaction of completion, knowing that the work is done.

With Progressive Disclosure your users can start interacting with your app from minute one.

And it will help you increase signup rates.

Lack of Guidance

It is essential to display the right information at the right moment. This is a key element specially for robust mobile apps since most of them have an abandon rate as high as 77%.

Users need a little extra help, otherwise they may feel overwhelmed with lots of new features and information. But don’t over do it. Too many interruptions will ruin the experience.

Proper guidance will allow users to explore every part of your app and enjoy its services.

The end result is an increase in engagement rate.

Technical and Robot-like Language

The language you use has a big impact on how comfortable users feel while using your product. If the language is too technical, it will break the connection to your user.

Imagine that you go visit a friend and the doormat reads “knock one time to process.” That’s just weird, even a bit intimidating. Instead of welcoming you, it throws you right into unknown waters. The same happens when users are exploring your application and the language is too robot-like.

Make your users really feel welcome by using their language.

This can make your active user rates soar.

Finally …

These are the top mistakes that we have experienced. Nearsoft’s User Experience team has worked with many companies to power up their user experience through UX research.

We encourage you to always be listening to your users.

Investing in UX not only helps you create more intuitive application, but also to accelerate your business.

For more, send me a line at [email protected] and let’s talk UX.