As  you know, last week was iPhone week when Apple announced the release of the OS version 3.0 of their OS which include a raft of new features.


Everyone who is involved in iPhone development was really excited after the announcement, given the opportunities for more interesting applications for the iPhone platform. The expectation is that there will be a lot more applications added to Apple store. 

Is It Just Lucky Timing?

As I read da buzz in different blogs and online magazines, I noticed some ads for iPhone’s closer competitor, the Blackberry Storm. It is interesting to note that some of the "new iPhone features have been included in the Blackberry platform for years. So, the question is: Why does the iPhone get so much buzz just for catching up?

I have heard all sorts of explanations, from "when the Blackberry launched, there were not 3G networks" to "the number of mobile users was smaller and not sophisticated, five years ago".

The reality is that Apple has created a very well branded product that built a following over time. The iPhone has appealed to the less sophisticated users to gain a huge market share in a short period of time. Everything started with the iPod. By the time the iPod Touch came into the picture, research in motion should have anticipated the possibility that Apple was going to their space. Maybe they anticipated, but they did not respond appropriately.