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The Nearsoft Academy is for college Seniors in their last semester and recent graduates. It’s an opportunity for promising people to learn good practices with the help of experienced mentors.

Nearsoft Academy

We are on the look out for promising people eager to learn through practice with the help of experienced mentors.

General Goals

  • Train future tech entrepreneurs
  • Give back to the Open Source community
  • Provide an environment conducive to hands-on learning


  1. Hands-on training
  2. Develop talent
  3. Help candidates build a portfolio of tangible accomplishments
  4. Help universities launch their graduates

This is how our organization will,

  • Gain awesome and competent new hires
  • Become a source of knowledge for the community
  • Help expand the tech entrepreneur community in Mexico and behond

Objectives and Rules

  • We are not an educational institution and we are not trying to become one
  • Learn through hands-on training
  • To make it scalable, we use Open Source projects as proxy assignments
  • Interns join an OSS project of their choice and ultimately become an accepted contributor
  • Interns are expected to blog, give presentations do code walkthroughs, etc.
  • To accelerate their language skills, we invite interns to sit in on meetings held in English

Measurable Goals

  1. Number of submissions to an Open Source project
  2. Number of blog posts written
  3. Quatity and quality of presentations and other contributions to the community


  • Bug fixes
  • New features
  • Blog posts
  • Talks

Project Constraints

  • Participate in active Open Source projects
  • In order to enter the program, candidates must be recent graduates or in their last semester
  • Pass the Logic Test and English interview
  • Once they are accepted, we eill do an assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses to guide their training
  • Regular, formal checkpoints guided by the initial assessment

And, in the End …

About 70% get hired by Nearsoft.