My team and I came up with a really good idea automate the creation of test scenarios with mock ups.. So good, in fact, that it was soon adopted by other developers and testers alike, on both sides of the border.

Being Creative

Two years ago a few of us stumbled onto a small glitch when we were working on our Client’s travel site. We had a Story that required us to simulate a trip availability search so that we could manipulate pricing data.

Sometimes, we could not run any tests because these required the creation of a mock up of the desired results. We could not get them with the existing framework, so we had to think of something else.

We thought of doing a mock up tool. We had heard that nodeJS was the right platform for that, but no one knew exactly how to use it. One of my teammates, Sergio, decided to learn more about it. He read up about it and researched it.

We then put together a prototype to automate the process and we were able to test this Story with all of the mocked up scenarios. This served as a template for automating the test scenarios for other Stories in the future.

In any case, you still need to observe, analyze and determine what is it that you have to change.


Building a Unique Tool

Once we had it working for one of our travel sites, we got it working for all of them. Each one of them can be customized based on their given requirements. As we use it in different settings, the tool is getting more and more robust over time.

A simple idea grew to become a very useful and unique tool.

And I am very proud of our brainchild!

In the Future

At this point, each tester has to copy-and-paste the templates, customize them to their particular test scenario, and then configure their system for running the tests.
In the future, we plan to create a central repository for these templates. The big win would be to have them ready to run after customization and save the configuration setup every time.

Adding Value

We are not afraid to make improvements wherever we think they’re necessary. Sometime it takes a leap of faith. But if any improvement is possible, we’ll take on the challenge of making it without hesitation in collaboration with our team, including our Client.

Sample nodeJS Code

You can see a sample of our code at

Follow the installation steps in readme.txt.