As a Sun Microsystems alumn, I feel compelled to offer an opinion on the upcoming purchase by Oracle, in particular about the future of MySQL.

I’ve heard lots of opinions about this being the end of MySQL, but I disagree.  This could actually be a boost for MySQL if Ellison et al are thinking pragmatically (and not with their egos).

They could use MySQL to expand their footprint with existing customers and gain new customers.

However, even if they embrace it fully, I have a feeling that they’ll manage to do/say something that will piss off MySQL users the world over. They have a knack for that sort of thing.

What you can count on is that Oracle will end up profiting from this deal.

Any guesses as to what will happen to the hardware? Will they keep it? spin it off? sell it off to HP or Dell? (or, even funnier, to IBM?)