Get those new features out.  And fix those bugs, too.  Hire more people if you need to.  But keep your budget in check. Have you looked at outsourcing, yet?

If this sounds familiar to you, read this post.

And just how are you supposed to do all that without putting your software at risk and demoralizing your team in the process?  How are you going to find quality developers in the current climate?

Writing software is not like making widgets.  Developing great software is hard, even when developers are sitting next to each other.  “Cheap” has a high cost.


Your best people will be the first to get frustrated by having to handhold and clean up after the not-so-great-but-cheap folks.

You’ve put a lot of care in creating your software, and you don’t want just anybody to come in and to mess it up for you.

Hire More Here Then

Recruiting is a pain.  Recruiters’ fees are at an all-time high and all they can really do for you is to send you resumes.  You and your team still have to do all the heavy lifting after that.

It takes a lot of my developers’ time.  Worse, my folks are tired of interviewing so many clueless people.

Work with Nearsoft

We do it all the time.  And we’ve gotten very good at it.

We don’t throw resumes at you.  We do all the heavy lifting to make sure that we hire the good ones, the ones who care.  We have to.  Because otherwise your team will chew them up and spit them out.  So we have to find the ones that your team will want to work with.

And we do.  Just ask any of our clients.

What’s Next?

Grow your team.  Make your CEO happy.  Check off the “outsourcing” box.  Make your CFO happy.  Take the subject off the list,

We found a solution that even our developers are happy with.