Through my experience working at Nearsoft I have learned that there are no small victories. I have faced all sorts of challenges, big and small.

And so will you.

Here are the five challenges you may face at your next job.

Working with a Remote Team

One of the challenges I faced was honing my English skills. I had not really worked with remote teams, let alone English-speaking folks. This changed radically when I officially became a Nearsoftian. I now have to interact every day with native speakers on the US side!

Nearsoft provided me with the tools I needed to make things happen. For example, 1-on-1 coaching sessions have helped me to spot and correct my weaknesses in English.

The challenges did not stop there, coming next was the scope and size of the client’s project. In my previous engagements the teams were way smaller, two or three people at the most. My client’s project is a big one, where tens of developers working together.

The project had been around for several years. I had to get acquainted with the way my whole team works and we stay sane. The more it grows, the harder it is to control and handle.

I know have a good grasp on how things get done around here.

Missing Requirements

Having the right set of requirements is really key to my daily work.

The challenge has been finding the right person who can provide me with the answers I need. Even knowing who to ask has been a challenge in itself.

I’ve learned that it is key to really understand the requirements in order to come up with the best solution.

Being (Very) Careful

There are things in the product that are quite sensitive in nature.

Things like pricing, needs to be handled very carefully or it may have a huge negative effect.

I’ve had to learn to work with a keen eye for detail to avoid problems in the system.


I have to really understand what I am doing, and what has already been done. To find the best way to coordinate with my teammates and communicate everything in a timely fashion.

It is my responsibility to estimate the time my own work will take and respect the deadlines I have committed to.

I should never lose sight of a required amount of self-discipline.

Listen and Be Open

Sometimes I cling on to my own view of things for too long. I have been tempted to think that mine was the best possible choice.

What I’ve learned is that I have to listen to others. I need to be open to others’ proposed solutions.

Finding Nearsoft

I heard about Nearsoft early on 2012. I was not actively looking for a job at the time. I was part of a startup and it turned out that Nearsoft was an early adopter of our product, a job board with some other “social” stuff on top.

I had heard about Nearsoft from colleagues and friends. The more I looked into it, the more interested I became. In particular, I was intrigued by Nearsoft’s culture, in particular their values.

Many companies think that just by decorating their walls with framed exultations they can move its team forward. At Nearsoft we strive to actually live by our values.

No Such Thing as a Small Win

After my first months at Nearsoft, I’ve noticed challenges would be never ending.

Solving these small challenges has been as valuable as bigger feats that could be touted with fireworks. Solving little things, everyday shows consistency.

It also speaks to my unbreakable determination to become a better developer. One line of code at a time.

This is as close to my favorite definition of success as it gets.
In your own life, acknowledge and celebrate every challenge, no matter how “small.” It will keep things in perspective and motivate you to scale even bigger mountains.