Recently, a contact at a company based outside Vancouver wrote us about what he doesn’t like about “outsourcing” software development:

“I am regularly called by people wanting me to “take advantage” of their software outsourcing, but it is usually outsourcing to far away places. The time zone difference alone makes this an unattractive proposition for me.”

As a software company, however, they understood the value that Nearsoft brings to the table right away and how it is different and better fit to their needs,

I spoke this morning with our CEO.  He agrees that this is the first outsourcing idea that might actually make sense. [emphasis added]

The advantages from our perspective are,

  • Same time zone
  • Close enough to arrange physical visits easily
  • We like Mexico
  • There is a shortage of really, really good programmers here, in our area.

The main disadvantage is that having separate offices is always a bit of a communications pain (not insurmountable).

Your rates are higher than what others offer out there–in fact, they are almost as much as our average salary.  But, given your track record, this means that we’re likely to get developers who will stick with us for an extended period.  In our case, even after an extensive interview process, about half of our supposedly long term employees don’t make it past their first six months here.  So even if it costs “more,” working with you reduces our risk.  By a lot.

When you add up what we’d save, like recruiters fees, the time our developers spend on interviewing, equipment costs, office space, etc., our savings seem pretty substantial.  So, it looks more “expensive” but it may actually cost less to work with Nearsoft.