I started using xUnit.Net a few weeks ago. My first question was how to do the things I was used to do in other testing frameworks like MSTest or NUnit, especially when using this framework for unit testing and for higher level tests like Selenium RC web tests. Here’s how I went about it.

This is the second, out of three posts on this subject.

>In my previous post I showed an example about converting a MSTest class to xUnit.Net and now I want to provide a solution for converting the MSTest TestCategory attribute to an equivalent implementation in xUnit.Net.

MSTest allowed us to run the test that belongs to a specific category. Let’s see how this can be accomplished in xUnit.Net.

CustomTestClassCommandAttribute attribute is used to indicate that a custom test runner will be used.

CustomTestClassCommand is the class that implements ITestClassCommand and acts as the runner for the test fixture, note that this approach is runner independent which means we will not require changing xUnit console or GUI.

The Method public IEnumerable EnumerateTestMethods() filters the tests methods by TestCategory attribute value. Note that we can make this configurable to make CI server to run unit test as soon as there are changes in the repository. This provides quick feedback and schedules the execution of slower tests like integration or Web UI test.

In my next post I will show how to create a Custom RunAfterTestFailed attribute to run a method whenever a test fails.