In the tech world – and then some – running a successful business is about making things happen in a way that works for both the service provider and the client.

You need to get the word out, somehow, though. There are many ways and tools to do this quite inexpensively and effectively.

Some say that Inbound marketing is the way to go. Some others favor Outbound marketing instead. There might be folks who like one a bit more than the other, depending on your marketing team’s traits.

I personally feel better suited for Outbound marketing because it relies more on communication and soft skills. But both are effective and pair up nicely.

There has to a better term to describe reaching out to potential clients that does not rely solely on digital tools, stats, and conversion rates. One that is a bit more comprehensive in every way and includes a shift in mindset.

I believe there is. And it should include the People Factor.

How Is Nearsoft Different?

We are a software engineering firm with quite a unique culture, to say the least. We’re a democratic-style, people-centric organization. At some point during our early stages, we realized that our company’s business model was different.

In the software engineering world, when reaching out to potential clients, lots of folks are still stuck in the outsourcing mindset. So we, as a marketing team, have had to think of ways to convey the notion of why we are different. And that’s basically because of our culture, and the way we self-organize as a flat organization.

In fact, it was not unusual to have several conversations with a prospect before they really got it. Part of this was the lack of an alternative model and part of it is simply a matter of vocabulary, since there was really no specific term to describe how we do what we do.

So we thought of adopting a new term.

Bound Towards You

I believe that our business model as a software company will continue to grow, because the way software is made today varies substantially. The idea of coding software by a captive development team is simply not sustainable and can’t compete in the long term.

Software companies have felt compelled to be all about their product or service when it comes to branding, operations, and their culture. In our case, this was a little bit different.

Or a lot.

So, marketing-wise, I have started to adopt an easy-t0-remember term to differentiate what we do and how we do it. The term is Peoplebound.

Our brand is all about the people who create software. The same goes for operations, communication, recruiting and culture. And – of course, for our clients.


Inbound and Outbound as marketing strategies are more easily identifiable because both approaches entail well-known digital tools. The Peoplebound approach, however, is more about a specific attitude, a demeanor when using said digital tools that entails soft skills. And not just thorough knowledge of platforms, databases, analytics, and even offline marketing.

Peoplebound is about caring about others, and properly conveying it in a non-invasive manner. It’s about focusing on what matters to the client. It’s easy to get “sucked” into what will generate higher conversion rates and increased traffic, but in the end, what you really want is true, long-term engagement as someone who can be trusted.

Your ideal client is someone who “gets it” and understands your drivers, your culture, your mission and philosophy. Who values more than the cheapest vendor and places value on great solutions and excellent service and common-ground affinity.

Reach the Right People at the Right Moment

Peoplebound is about connecting with the right people at the right moment, and absolutely delighting them with relevant, meaningful, and helpful content.

The real question isn’t “How can we compel, seduce, or trick our clients into engaging with us?” Instead, it’s, “How loyal are we to our customers? Do we truly care about them?” Not just as targets, consumers, or fans. But as people. Human beings.”

Peoplebound is about educating. It’s not about brainwashing with irrelevant, interruptive messages, nor is it just about “going viral” without truly connecting. A Peoplebound strategy is about providing value, not just pushing out information across email, social, and beyond.

Are you constantly sharing links to your articles or are you forging relationships and conversations?

When discussing a marketing strategy—don’t forget the human aspect. Clever ideas, clickable headlines, and trendy topics aren’t going to get you long-lasting, loyal clients who want to come along for the ride.

At Nearsoft, Peoplebound is about what truly matters. We’re bound to you.

For some examples of how Nearsoft creates Peoplebound content check out DojoLive! And the #ILookLikeanEngineer initiative.

If you wish to know more about Nearsoft and what keeps us up at night, reach out to me at [email protected].