Change can be intimidating, but when it’s done right it can open the doors to a world of new opportunities

For fast growing products in the Travel and Hospitality industry familiarity renovation can be the key to reach new customers and markets.

Keep reading if you want to grow your market share.

I’ve been witness to something that started as a simple frequent flyer program and turned into one of the greatest and most complete Loyalty Programs in the industry. This meant it was time for a new image.

The need for renovation can come from many different reasons. In this case, the company was ready to have a higher impact and stronger presence in the industry. They needed to refresh their product. However, along with this came lot of challenges,

  • There were long conversations about booking flow changes and improvements, but ultimately end user opinions carried the most weight on the final layout.
  • Bad assumptions and missed requirements can be very expensive so it was important for us to map every single detail.
  • We need to update everything, even on the hidden spots: shopping vouchers, confirmation emails, special requests etc. These had to be considered when updating logos, typography, colors, etc.
  • Usability Testing was key across all channels. As relevant parts of the shopping experience were updated, usability testing was Key to find and correct gaps and issues.

With Renovation Comes the Benefits

  • Launch of new products
  • More friendlier customer experience and user friendly booking flow
  • Fresh new image and UI with a modern and dynamic identity
  • New partnership opportunities with other brands and different markets
  • Becoming a bigger player on the market
  • Highly increased number of loyalty traveler subscribers.

Success Stories

Just a couple of examples of our success,

Club Premier
Club Premier was initially Aeromexico’s frequent flyer. It evolved to become a leading coalition program with other brands and products. It gives customers a more personalized user experience, caters to personal behavior patterns and preferences. And it works not only when traveling with Aeromexico but also by shopping in any of its over 100 affiliate companies.

They launched a new image that transformed everyday shopping into a unique and fuller experience. As a result, they increased the number of partners and grew their user base to over four million people.

Marriott International, Inc
In 2013 Marriott had a complete brand overhaul after acquiring Starwood. They introduce incorporated high technology into their properties and increased user involvement on targeted campaigns like Marriott Travel Brillianty.

Travelers could customize their needs and even contribute their own ideas. This allowed Marriott to shift from a traditional hospitality company to a complete new travel lifestyle business. It enabled them to grow their user base by targeting on important demographics (e.g., millennials and other technology savvy travelers).

Marriott is now positioned as one of the biggest leaders of the Travel and Hospitality industry.

Finally …

For the Travel and Hospitality industry, keeping current with trends and being sensitive to the needs of customers is key to their success.
If you want to grow your market share, renovation may be the key to reposition your brand.

If you have any questions about this, please, contact me [email protected] or @ClausGtzC.