Your development team and your business goals must be aligned for you to develop a successful software product. Guide your team to a shared vision with our Peak Performance Team framework. 

As a C-level executive of a software development company you have many things in your mind: rivaling companies gaining ground on your piece of the market, your shareholders demanding more and more revenue, meeting crazy deadlines to make the marketing folks happy, etc.

The solution to all these problems is in a place where most executives won’t look: the people. Your team is the only one that can help you go the extra mile and develop a successful software product.

The Answer is Your Software Development Team

A Peak Performance Team (PPT) is a group of software engineers that not only develop your app, but also understands your company’s unrecognized business needs. Those needs are yet to be discovered business opportunities that can unite people from different teams in your company towards the same goal: making your product successful. 

It’s a long way to get your current team into a “business mindset,” but it happens if you hire the right engineers that can work well together. 

Building a Peak Performance Team (PPT)

We took a dive into the Nearsoftian community to identify the common attributes shared by successful software engineers that take their teams to a peak mentality. So look out for these four characteristics in your team,


Every person in the team must share relevant information within the team in a timely manner. They must take ownership and push back if things take a wrong turn, even if the decisions come from a project manager. Saving time is key to propose and implement alternative solutions.


Great software developers keep each other accountable in a team when an agreement is not honored. Preventive action has to be taken by these individuals when a performance risk is detected.

Orientation to Goals

Team members need to be able to identify opportunities to increase value and take steps toward making it happen. The team must define objectives and continuously achieve results together.


Camaraderie must be regular practice. Engineers should go beyond work, and generate a cohesion that results in the team wanting to work together. A PPT must be able to trust its own members and other teams equally.

Learn from Our Peak Engineers

We’re currently aligning Agile Development and the business needs of our clients. Our PPT Framework is based on our most successful teams and they’re long term relationships with our clients. That’s almost a decade of solid knowledge in the IT Industry.

Join the conversation and take the next step into creating a peak performing product team. Contact the Nearsoft People Development team leading the project at [email protected]