I love to draw!

I’ve been doing it since the tender age of five; I am 53 and I still love it and today I am still doing it at Nearsoft.

Let me tell you what it means to me.

Being All I Can Be

One of the many things I like about working at Nearsoft is that, if you decide to pursue the opportunity, you can literally be all you can be. If you have a special skill that is somehow aligned to what happens internally, there’s always a door you can knock on and, if persistent, someone might answer.

And you need to be ready to get your hands dirty!

What Do You Like To Do?

I like to draw and I truly believe I’m pretty good at it (and, no, I won’t fake humbleness here).

Specifically, I like to draw cartoons and humorous illustrations. Over many years, I have won many contests and worked on freelance illustration projects for clients in far away places, like England, Australia,  Belgium, Singapore. These are some of the places where my artwork has ended up.

So, what do you like to do? What are you good at and enjoy doing? What skills do you have that puts you at the top of the heap?

Adding Enjoyment to My Work

Nearsoft is my bread and butter.  It has been my second home for nearly a decade. During this time, I have had the opportunity to put my creative skills to good use and have had a heck of a great time doing it.

I have illustrated blog posts, both my own and others’, also training materials, booklets, promotionals, etc.  And, although my style might not appeal to everybody (I’ve been told my style is too “Disney-y”), nonetheless I have had fun and deeply enjoy doing it!

This I How I Do It

Recently, I was approached by one of my teammates from People Development in Hermosillo. She introduced me to Indecomm’s VP of People Development at Indecomm Digital Services, Suzanne McKenna.  Suzanne had a need, an idea she needed illustrated with some cartoons and was hoping to find someone at Nearsoft that might be able to help. I gladly volunteered, we chatted and got to work. In the end, she was simply delighted with the outcome, and I am damn proud of the work I produced! 

…Thanks a trillion Carlos, I’m so excited…. You are so competitive!

Suzanne McKenna, VP of People Development, Indecomm Digital Services

After reading her praise, I felt a sudden rush, the need to get involved in these types of gigs more frequently.  If you’re reading this and need a hand with your blog post and need it illustrated in a rather fun, uniquely colorful manner, please reach out to me!

If instead you are into drawing cartoons and illustrations, here’s a brief roadmap on how I make it happen.

Pencil First

The first part is extremely low tech. I first “doodle” my idea on paper, based on the brief I am given by my “client.”  This part flows quite seamlessly, since I’ve trained my right brain for decades. I don’t think about traditional drawing “rules” and conventions.  I just do it.

This is what it looks like when I first sketch it away,

Ink it in!

I then use a black felt tip pen to trace the outlines. I prefer felt tip pens or markers for convenience, but you might be into using a quill pen, black ink, or other traditional tools.  This is the result,

Go Digital!

I then scan it at 300 dpi into Photoshop.  Finally, using a Wacom tablet, I color it.

I use Photoshop as my “paint brush” in a rather traditional way.  I finally zoom it over via email to the person I am working with for creative guidance and approval.

This is the colorful end result,

If you’d like to know more about commercial or editorial digital humorous illustration or cartooning, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]. If you’d like to see more of the fun stuff I’ve created, take a peek at my Wix website.

Fertile Soil for Creative Spirits

If you are a creative person, the digital realm is fertile soil.  This is where you can take your creative calling to the next level, be it illustration, writing, design, etc. 

And consider yourself lucky if you’re with a company that will welcome your talent. Nearsoft is no doubt fertile soil for creative types.

I would love the opportunity to sit down with you and teach you some tricks I’ve learned over the course of almost 30 years.