We are very happy with the results of Django Girls CDMX (February Edition).

We had 74 young women full of hope and with big audacious plans. We helped them learn new technologies and techniques according to their own goals.

Overwhelming Response

Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit everybody and over 400 of them were left out.

However, we are taking this as a sign to do more of it throughout the rest of the year. We are planning to involve peer companies to be able to reach more women next time.

We started to plan this event in 2015. This included finding experienced developers to help out, signing up sponsors, and promoting the event.

Once we started promoting, we had 50 applicants within the first month. As soon as we contacted the local school, sign ups jumped by five times. After two and half months, we had over 500 applications.

Practice Made It Better

We “practiced’ by giving a couple of workshops on Python.

We got support from the Python Software Foundation, codea.mx, Laboratoria.mx, women who code, sticker mule, as well as Nearsoft.

The day before the event, on Feb 26, the organizers got started at 4 am. They bought flowers, vases, had posters printed. Some helped with the decoration, and others picking people at at the airport.

We had people from all over Mexico: Chihuahua, Sonora, Ensenada, Morelos, Hidalgo, the State of Mexico, and, of course, folks from Mexico City and even from the US.

At 6 pm we all got together to deal with last-minute questions about the event and its logistics.

About 70 girls showed up for the Installation Party which took place from 7-9 pm.

At the end of the day we had some last-minute issues with connectivity but thanks to the Nearsoft IT team and some of the mentors we got it all working smoothly.

The Early Bird …

The day of the event we started at 7 am. Thirty one mentors and 74 girls were ready and eager to get started. With breakfast.

The sponsors kicked off the event and got everybody excited.

We had the opportunity to give away a few books and six courses contributed by one of our sponsors. And, of course, we everybody got tshirts, mugs, and stickers.

We got a lot of support and inspiration from Facebook and Twitter friends.

Finally, the attendees were very excited and worked very hard throughout the event. More than a few pledged to help out in future events.

And Speaking of the Future …

We are planning a post-mortem to go over the feedback we’ve gotten and use it to create a better event next time.

We hope to create a community of software developers, regardless of technology. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please comment below. We are eager to collaborate with anyone who wants to contribute to the growth of this community.

For (more than) a few pictures, see our Flickr repository for Django Girls CDMX #1.