We should never lump people into the same bucket with bricks and hammers. People are significant, but they’re not an “asset.”

Folks in HR, people who care deeply about other people, should be the first ones to reject the “resources” label.

At Nearsoft we have recruiters who help teams hire new members. And we have People Development folks who help others figure out what they want to want to be when they grow up and how to get there. The folks in the Finance team help others with the mechanics of health insurance, creating reports for government agencies, etc.

Dont #$@! Call Me a Resource!Don’t #[email protected]! Call Me a Resource!


But nobody is “in charge” of treating people as “resources.”

Words are not harmless. Quite the opposite. We make them up and then they shape us.

If you think of yourself as someone in the “resource” business, then you’ll soon behave and act as if you were running a warehouse.

Give yourself a chance to grow. Change your vocabulary.


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