A good day can never end without a few rounds of your favorite game. Otherwise, it would be a dull and a boring day. Many people feel that way and rejuvenate themselves and end their day with a dose of their favorite game of PokémonGo, Rummy, or Temple Run.

But what makes users stick to an app when there’s a new game launched every day? What does it take to make them stick to your app?

An excellent game app stands out in the crowd with unique and intuitive features which differentiate it from the rest of the apps. This is what keeps players going. UX Design of an app helps a lot in retaining users and attracting new users.

Make sure that your UX design such that your game app has a good user-friendly interface as well as the overall look-and-feel. Make them fall in love with your app instantly.

Take a look at the techniques below. Use them to leave your users spellbound. Design an ideal UX and help users fall in love with your game app.

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