25 Random Facts about Nearsoft

  1. In a company of 50, 20 are also musicians. One was even a professional child musician and still is (a professional musician, not a child).
  2. Nearsoft was incorporated on a Sunday. It was a very special Sunday (Incorporation Sunday, I believe it’s called).
  3. Nearsoft merged with C3 Technologies in 2007 (although not on a Sunday, but whatever day it was, it is now known as Merge Day).
  4. We have an average number of left-handed engineers in the company. They’re all above average left-handed engineers.
  5. Like Lake Wobegon, at Nearsoft all the women are strong, all the men are good looking and all the children are above average.
  6. Nearsoft does not employ any children. The adults make do very well, thank you.
  7. Our other business is making movies that should go viral any minute now.
  8. Nearsoft introduced the SuperHappyDevHouse to Mexico. In fact, the HermosilloDevHouse is the first in Latin America.
  9. In the iPhone, Nearsoft comes out as nearsigt. Very funny, Apple (NOT).
  10. We chose to locate the Mexican office in the middle of the Sonora desert because of the availability of excellent sea food. Really. I kid you not.
  11. At Nearsoft all community events map to carne asada (Spanish for delicious BBQ).
  12. We have an above average number of right-handed engineers. I think that’s right (see?)
  13. Nearsoft was honored as number seventeen in the list of great places to work in Mexico among technology companies in IT and Telecom. Coincidently, this list is put together by the Great Places to Work Institute. Go figure.
  14. Nearsoft’s first office in Mexico had a little kitchen. It also had two bedrooms, a separate dining room and 1.5 bathrooms.
  15. One of our clients has a gap in his front teeth. (Made you look!)
  16. Nearsoft orange is rgb(129, 72, 0).
  17. The “near” part of the Nearsoft name is meant to highlight the fact that we are “near” our clients. What does “soft” imply, then?
  18. “Nearsoft” rhymes with “Microsoft.” Kind of. But not really. Unless you’re from the South.
  19. Nearsoft’s Mexican office is in Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora State, which is in the middle of the Sonora desert. People think the State is named after the desert. I wonder.
  20. At Nearsoft we don’t have titles. We make up songs but never come with names for them.
  21. Nearsoft is run collectively, more like a democracy. And just as messy.
  22. It’s fun to make a mess, so long as you clean up good. This is not a Nearsoft fact, but it seemed fitting. Twenty two down and three to go.
  23. Nearsoft has been honored with another award. We can’t tell you what it is, yet, but it’s oh-so-cool. You’ll be impressed. I am.
  24. Each one of these facts is stated in less than 140 characters. Well, maybe not all of them. They’ll be posted on Twitter or on our Facebook Wall, depending.
  25. Only 17 of these facts are, in fact, factual. The rest are true, but not factually so.
  26. Off by one.