Assembling a Dev Team

Software Development companies face harsh challenges to grow their development teams.

You have to compete fiercely to attract and retain local talent. Or you have to look in far away places and deal with all the collateral cultural friction.

The Nearsoft Way

At Nearsoft we work exclusively with software product companies and startups. We help our clients grow their dev team with engineers in Mexico. So, we provide talented product developers, that are close by, and are well aligned in time and culture.

Nearsoft Software Development Company Intro

The 53-second
introduction to Nearsoft

Why, Where, and How in less than a minute

Outsourcing Software Development in Local Time

Software Development
in Local Time

Low Cost Offshoring and Other Myths

The Hustle of Outsourcing Software Projects

Distributed software development is riskier than development done by a small, co-located team. That is why it is extremely important to partner up with a team you trust.

The Real Total Cost of Engagement

Offshore outsourcing vendors like to highlight hourly rates because they sound pretty low when compare to the equivalent rate for US-based engineers. But that is far from the reality of the Total Cost of Engagement (TCE), which is what you are going to end up paying.

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Managing Risks

Nearsoft leverages the proximity to our clients but we also succeed because we focus on minimizing risk and tightly managing every task.

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Assemble a Team with Nearsoft

When your partner with Nearsoft you can forget about the heavy lifting of recruiting a team. Tell us about your needs and we can assemble a custom software development team. 

Here’s how we do it.

Our Engagement Journey

Our engagement process is very aligned with our culture, it’s like a journey.

This is the big picture of how engaging with Nearsoft will work for you.

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Our Recruiting Process

We follow a 10-step process to assure you get a team a team with the right skills and experience.

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