The Academy Program

It is a program for recent graduates to teach them how to deconstruct, and problem solves like an engineer. We show them how to build accurate mental representations of first principles to tackle fundamental engineering problems. It’s also an opportunity for talented students to learn from seasoned software engineers.

We aim to turn recent graduates into world-class software engineers in six months.

96 Hired Engineers

Of 124 who were trained in the academy

23 Clients

Switchfly, Points, Skytouch, Indecomm, etc

65 ex academies

Are currently working with clients

Syllabus behind the academy

It’s and agnostic language program to grow and learn, then go outside and pursue greater heights. That lasts six months, designed by six phases with its propose, material, and exercises. During the academy, we asign two seniors developers per intern as a mentor, and they go along with them until its finish.

About the phases

The program is highly selective and extremely rigorous and goes well beyond any other training program.

We keep on track of each intern, and it’s individial progress, that allows us to estimate how easy they can adapt and learn, and their performance with a client.

Learn more about the process

Nearsoft Academy

Success Cases

Multiple Stacks

Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Go, .NET, Devops, Elixir, iOS, Android, Etc.

3 years tenure

3 years on average of an academy graduated

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