The Academy Phases

The program is highly selective and extremely rigorous and goes well beyond any other training program.

We keep on track of each intern, and it’s individial progress, that allows us to estimate how easy they can adapt and learn, and their performance with a client.

The selection process

Logic Test

A test with 20 logical exercises for programmers

English Interview

Just a little conversation, we need to know if your conversational English skills are good.

Tech Screen

A face to face interview where you will show your knowledge about computer science and the abilities that you learned in school

About the Phases

We have three interviews: Once after the first month, then at the three months, and one before being allocated with a client.

We also fo one on ones and get feedback from its mentors or people who have collaborated with them, ando we deliver it with action items they can apply as soon as they know.

If we find that the persona isn’t improving to be ready for working with a client, we cut them off.


Nearsoft Academy

Reset their mindset

We begin by resetting the Nearsoft Academy participants’ mindset so they can develop teamwork, commitment and look beyond what they learned on school.

Nearsoft Academy


Interns are assigned together to work in projects. This phase is designed to teach them how to work as a self-managed unit.

Mutate Your Code and Test Your Tests

Open Source

Another focal point is to remind them it is important to contribute to the Open Source Community. It’s a win-win, while supporting others, they get to add worthy entries to their own resume.

Your Personal Brand

During this stage, interns improve their communication skills. We help them to build their resume. We set mock-up interviews to see if they’re ready to get a job or there’s any feedback to apply.

computer over a desk

Real Clients & Users

The real world is up next, a real client or project. This can mean a Nearsoft client, an internal product from Nearsoft Labs or an external project.


After the Academy, you will learn:

  • To program in any language
  • Agile practices (Kanban/Scrum)
  • Software development cycle
  • DevOps tools
  • Open Source culture
  • Apply learning techniques to read and understand big code databases
  • Applying good practices in real projects
  • Be comfortable answering interview questions for a job in the Software Industry

If you are interested in applying, you can do it at Nearsoft Jobs.

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