Our Story:
The Nearsoft Timeline


Treating people like responsible adults is our thing. We work in self-managed teams. No managers here.

Software Development

Extending software teams is our core business. We speak up, self-direct, and, take ownership to build superb software products with our clients.


Sharing our knowledge and the passion for what we do is at the heart of our company. We bond with the software development community.

Our story began more than ten years ago


“La Casita” was our first office. A very small house as the term in Spanish suggests.

A humble beginning didn’t stop us from working hard and dreaming big. With our first inauguration we upgraded from “la casita” to a “real” office.


We celebrated year one as a Great Place to Work! We haven't stopped improving our senses of Credibility, Impartiality, Respect, Camaraderie or Pride ever since.

We've always been ranked in the Top 20 GPTW companies in Mexico.

We began our relationship with Switchfly, and we’re in it for the long run. The travel tech software company will become our oldest client.


Freedom at work is in our DNA. We became a Worldblu Certified Company for the first time in 2009. When everyone makes decisions, bigger and better things happen!

Continued to scale. We upgraded to a larger office that included a real Nearsoft sign on the building!


We redefined our core values as a team, with everybody involved in nailing down what was most important to us as a team: Teamwork, Leadership, Commitment, Long-term Relationships, and Be Smart and Get Things Done.

Friendly reminder: there are no employees in this company.

Nearsoft became number 8 in Great Place to Work’s Mexico Ranking. This marked the first time we ascended to single digit status.


During our fourth anniversary there were around 50 Nearsoftnians.

With the debut of Summer Talks, we opened our doors to and shared our knowledge with university students. We loved every moment!


We became the number six company in the Great Place to Work list in 2012.

Together we determined our five year Vision, 2012-2017.


In just six years we became a community of 100!

Our first Student of Excellence (SoFE) competition took place in Hermosillo. We strengthened our bonds with local universities and colleges.


All of Nearsoft gathered in the one place to work and play together, all while building the Nearsoft of the future. Our first Team building Day!

There’s no place like home! We finally moved in into our dream office in Hermosillo.

We launched the UX Team to address our clients’ UX Research and UI Design needs.

The Java Period began in Nearsoft History. 2014 marked the first year we hired more than 20 java developers.


We have been a Worldblu certified Freedom Centered Workplace for seven years.

The Nearsoftian tribe kept growing and growing: we opened new offices in Mexico City and Chihuahua.

The more we worked as remote extensions of our clients team, we realized we could work better if we had the tools. We launched SoftwareDevTools to develop these tools, identify problems, find opportunities, and build solutions.

The Nearsoft Academy keeps growing strong. 15 interns join its ranking to become world class software engineers.


TBW5 marked our first Team Building Week away from home, and in Cancun no less! #NearsoftTakesCancun

2016 was a year of growth with more than 70 Nearsoftians joining the team!

The Nearsoftian Java Era keeps going strong. We broke our own record and hired 30 Java Developers in 2016.


Nearsoft celebrates its 10th anniversary with almost 300 Nearsoftians.

Nearsoft is acquired by Indecomm, a global services company. The plan going forward is to grow the Nearsoft footprint in Latin America.

The Nearsoft Community reached a record number 2 in Great Place to Work’s Mexican ranking.

Nearsoft turns 10 years old in the Healthcare industry. Helping companies like Siemens Healthineers and MDLive develop great software products.


The iOS era begins, we hired ten iOS mobile developers for our clients. It’s impressive to mention we still hired 20 Java developers during this year.

Nearsoft now has ten years of experience in the travel tech industry. Helping companies like Switchfly, Opentable and Points develop great software products.

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