Fearless Innovation

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Our culture provides a unique environment where people can step up, self-direct, and show initiative. You end up with an engaged team that takes ownership and pride in your product.

Ownership? Are you going to take over my products?

We are talking about emotional ownership. As in the difference between, “I am working on their product” versus “Let me tell you about my product.”

Once that kind of ownership is established, people will do whatever it takes to make sure that users love the product. People crave being admired for that they do, what they create, and this is how ownership leads to high quality products that your team can crow about.

What do you mean by fearless?

People who have worked at traditional companies have a very linear mindset, “produce or be fired.” There is no space in their daily life to try new things, fail, and learn. No way to backtrack, take a deep breath, and come up with better solutions.

When fear is taken out of the equation, great things can happen. They are not afraid to try “crazy” things. They solve problems that normally sound “impossible” or “too difficult” to do.

This is how fearlessness promotes innovation.

How does “playfulness” lead to innovation?

People act playful when they feel safe. They experiment. They try things out. This is what innovation is all about. It starts with feeling safe and being playful.

Why is “pride” even an issue?

You want people in your team to take pride in what they do. They want that, too. It makes the work more satisfying and meaningful. People will go out of their way to make sure that users love their product.

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