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Nearsoft Is Our Dream Come True

Our Dream Come True

Nearsoft was created by software developers who faced the same problem you are facing today: a shortage of developers, limited budgets, and bad offshoring options. So, we built the company we wished for.

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We Recruit Responsible Adults

We hire responsible adults

Hiring “the best” is not enough. We hire people who are smart and get things done to work as a seamless extension of our your development team.

We can do this, and do it quickly because we are always looking for talent and keep a deep pipeline of candidates.

We follow a 10-step recruiting process. This is a significant, but strategic investment that produces tangible results for you and for us.

We’re Not a Body Shop

Not a Body Shop

Your team in Mexico is a true extension of your team in the US. Everybody wakes up at the same time. They all speak English. They share the same commitment, responsibilities, and values. Everybody works as one integrated team.

We Believe In

Freedom-Centric Culture

It’s not about the perks. It’s about personal growth and becoming a leader.

We hire responsible adults to get the job done. Then we invest in their training, creating a great place to work, and promoting a sense of belonging.

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Fearless Innovation

Our culture encourages Nearsoftians to be themselves, be playful, and innovate. Great ideas emerge organically when people feel safe.

Beyond creating great products, your team will have an active and accountable role.

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Taking Care of People

At Nearsoft we thought we needed something more human than resources. That is how People Development was born. We take care of people so their only concern is making great products.

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Grow with Us

Nearsoft started in a mythical garage in California.

We’ve grown quite bit since, to over 250 Nearsoftians distributed in three different offices in Mexico, and an office in San Jose, CA.

Nearsoft Hermosillo

Five-hour drive down from Phoenix, AZ.

Nearsoft Hermosillo

Mexico City
Three-hour flight from Miami, FL.

Nearsoft Hermosillo

Three-hour drive down from El Paso, TX.

Great Place to Work and Certified Freedom-Centered Workplace

We’ve been ranked as a Great Place to Work by the GPTW Institute since 2008.  And we’ve also had the honor to being inducted in WorldBlu’s list of Certified Freedom-Centered Workplace since 2009.

Culture Achievements

Are We a Good Fit?

Our engagement process is very aligned with our culture. Take a look at the big picture here.

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