Install Planning Poker for Hangouts
Estimating software tasks is hard and somewhat of a black art. But you can make it fun, easy, and even more accurate with Planning Poker for Hangouts.

What Is It?

According to Wikipedia, Planning poker “is a consensus-based technique … mostly used to estimate effort or relative size of user stories.”

How’s It Work?

Everybody in a team make estimates by quietly placing numbered cards face-down. Once everybody has put down a card, the cards are revealed and the estimates discussed.
This allows each team member to make an independent estimate that can then be compared to reveal alternate interpretations and assumptions.

Who should use it?

Although Planning Poker is mostly used by Agile teams, any team can use it.

Why should I use it?

To improve the already hard process of estimating software projects. Planning Poker will help your team make more accurate estimates and get better results.


Install Planning Poker for Hangouts

A new Google Hangouts window will open. You don’t need to visit this page to use Planning Poker for Hangouts in the future.

If you have any trouble or catch any bugs within Planning Poker for Hangouts, please e-mail us at