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Trello and Agile Methodologies

July 26, 2016, by Francisco Hernandez

Trello is a widely used tool across the board. We can use Trello for pretty much every imaginable that requires some kind of coherent flow and sense-making.

Even for Scrum!

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How to Increase Your Mobile App’s Engagement

July 18, 2016, by Diana Arvayo

In the HBO series Silicon Valley, the team celebrates their 500,000th download but soon after realize that they have less than 10,000 active users. Just 2% and “is really, really bad.” This is a common problem. In the blink of an eye, you can go from being at top of the world to Death Valley. […]

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8 UX Tips for Creating Flawless Gaming Apps

July 11, 2016, by Maria Antony, Guest Author

A good day can never end without a few rounds of your favorite game. Otherwise, it would be a dull and a boring day. Many people feel that way and rejuvenate themselves and end their day with a dose of their favorite game of PokémonGo, Rummy, or Temple Run.

But what makes users stick to an app when there’s a new game launched every day? What does it take to make them stick to your app?

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Outsourcing Software Development in Local Time

How working with Nearsoft compares to offshore.

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