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Bower and ASP .NET 5: a Tutorial

February 4, 2016, by Janneth Amaya

ASP .NET 5 RC1 is out. This is a short tutorial on how you can include client packages in this new version and how Bower is integrated in Visual Studio 2015.
Here’s how to manage your client dependencies.

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How to Succeed as a Woman Engineer

January 28, 2016, by Lilia Escobedo

When I first encountered the engineering world, I thought it was exclusively a man’s job. I wondered if I could do it. Soon after, I realized I was just like them, and anybody could do the work.

Here’s how I figured it out.

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The Environment Influences People’s Actions, a Conversation with Annie Coull (2/2)

January 22, 2016, by Diana Arvayo

We met Annie Coull during UX Week 2015 back in August.  We witnessed her unique sensitivity to the special needs of children, families and staff in the healthcare setting.

We had the opportunity to talk with her on myriad topics including her talk, “A Journey Like No Other” at UXWeek 2015.

Here’s the second part of our conversation. You can find part one here.

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Outsourcing Software Development in Local Time

How working with Nearsoft compares to offshore.

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